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Savory bite-sized introduction to culinary delight


Master of flames crafting grilled perfection, a culinary maestro

Sea food

Ocean’s bounty, a delectable feast of aquatic treasures awaits.


Divine Draughts: Sip, Delight, Repeat. Cheers to Memorable Moments!


Sweet Bliss: Indulgent Delights for Every Dessert Connoisseur’s Craving

Hot Dishes

Hearty Temptations: Savor the Warmth of Our Hot Dishes


Flavorful Companions: Elevate Meals with Delectable Side Creations

Main course

Prime Palates: Elevate Every Bite with Our Main Course Delicacies”

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“Welcome to our Reservation Page! We’re thrilled to assist you in securing your spot for an exceptional experience. Whether it’s a cozy dinner, an exciting event, or a relaxing getaway, our simple and convenient reservation process ensures your preferences are met. Let’s start the journey towards creating wonderful memories together.”

What Our Customers Say

Great Food And Service

“Alkhair is a taste of tradition and excellence. From the aromatic spices to the impeccable presentation, every bite tells a story. This restaurant captures the essence of rich flavors and warmth that is truly remarkable.”

David Wilcox

Top-Notch Restaurant

“A hidden gem of flavors! Dining at Alkhair is a heartwarming experience. The menu offers a wide range of delicious choices, and the service is impeccable. This place has become my go-to for an extraordinary dining experience.”

Esther Davidson

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